A Fair, Fiscally Responsible Approach

Maintain Municipal Infrastructure

An aging community has an aging infrastructure that needs to be properly maintained. This includes funding maintenance projects that keep our roads, sanitary and storm sewer systems, and public building facilities up to date and in good working order. By supporting regular maintenance protocols, we can avoid steep tax increases in the event of a major crisis.

Eliminate the Newcomers Tax

The Newcomers Tax is unfair to the many new residents and young families who move into the 4th Ward because it inflates their property assessments beyond that of others—resulting in wildly different property taxes on virtually identical homes. This tax unfairly assesses the property value on the sale price but not comparable homes. I don’t believe that we should be discouraging young families from purchasing a home in our community by increasing their property taxes.

Fiscal Responsibility

We need more public/private partnerships to sustain ongoing public programs and services. Our current services and programs should be evaluated to ensure that they are meeting the needs of our residents and whether or not they can be sustained or improved through a combination of public and private funding.

Improve the Castle Shannon and McNeilly Road Corridors

First impressions are important, and the Castle Shannon and McNeilly Road corridors that serve as entrances into Mt. Lebanon have numerous properties that need to be addressed. I propose working to develop the properties along McNeilly Road into a walking park and to clean up both these areas.

Joint Cooperation

Through a program of joint cooperation, we can stop duplicating facilities that are already available in other nearby communities (The rifle range is such an example.) Additionally, we should work with neighboring communities and assess the impact of the development of a park-and-ride area across from the Shop’n Save. We can also improve our cooperation with the Mt. Lebanon School District to ensure that school facilities are more available to our residents.